Redemption – 16 oz. Goat’s Milk Foaming Hand Soap


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If God were to wrap you in Redemption, we think it would smell like this. Redemption is warm and inviting, slightly exotic. It’s a complex blend of warm spices, cedar, sandalwood, and coconut blended in rich cocoa butter. It’s the perfect masculine blend while being completely unisex and while it’s not in your face with scent strength, it will make everyone want to know what that smell is and where to get it.

Scent Strength – 3.5/5 – warm, inviting, slightly masculine, unisex

Goat's Milk Foaming Hand Soap

* Paraben Free

* Phthalate Free

* Sulfate Free

* Cruelty Free

* Hypo-allergenic

* 16 oz. Foam Hand Pump

Our Soap ships with our patented concentration complete with microbials (to kill any bad stuff).


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